Top 6 Anime Like Armitage III: Dual-Matrix [2023 List]

Armitage III: Dual-Matrix

A few years after they first met, Naomi Armitage and Ross Syllabus have started a family. Despite their normal lives, they must keep their identities a secret because many people believe that Robots do not deserve equal status with humans. Ross has an opportunity to abolish these ideas on Earth through a vote, but organizations in the shadows are working so that it doesn't happen.

Armitage III: Dual-Matrix has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: アミテージ・ザ・サード DUAL-MATRIX, Armitage: Dual-Matrix, Amiteeji the Third Gekijouban, Armitage III: Dual Matrix

Genres: Science Fiction , Mecha , Earth , Action , Cyborg , Cyberpunk , Future , Android , Violence , Space , Adventure , Family

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6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

A.D. 2034. It has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9. Togusa is now the new leader of the team, that has considerably increased its appointed personnel. The expanded new Section 9 confronts a rash of complicated incidents, and investigations reveal that an ultra-wizard hacker named the Puppeteer is behind the entire series of events.
In the midst of all, Batou, who was stalking the case on a separate track, encounters Motoko. She goes away after saying, "Stay away from the Solid State Society." Batou is left with a doubt in his mind. Could Motoko be the Puppeteer?
The series of intriguing incidents that Section 9 faces gradually link together almost artistically. Who is the Puppeteer? What will happen to Batou's relationship with Motoko? What is the full truth behind this carefully planned perfect crime? And what will the outcome be? Mysteries surround the Solid State Society...

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: 攻殻機動隊 STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society, Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society, GitS SAC SSS, GitS: SAC 3, gits sac3, gitssac3, sac3, sss, Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Solid State Society, Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society

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5. Sol Bianca: Taiyou no Fune

Sol Bianca: Taiyou no Fune

Thousands of years into the future, mankind has colonized other planets across the galaxy and completely forgotten about Earth. On one part of the galaxy, the female space pirates and their colossal starship Sol Bianca get a surprise when a young girl named Mayo stows away on board the ship. The crew then embarks on a journey to Earth to find the whereabouts of Mayo's parents and discover the secrets of the lost planet.

Sol Bianca: The Legacy has finished airing and it has 6 Episodes. It is also Known as: 太陽の船 ソルビアンカ, Sol Bianca: Taiyou no Fune

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4. Ai no Kusabi

Ai no Kusabi

On planet Amoi, a great society has developed, creating a computerized city called Tanagura, ruled by supercomputer Jupiter. The populace is almost entirely male and is based on hair color; silver and/or blonds are the elitist, ending with dark/black haired as the bottom of society, often known as "mongrels". Blondies keep "pets", young boys kept for a few years, especially made for performing sexual actions for the Blondie's voyeurism entertainment. Blondies aren't suppose to keep pets for long or interact sexually with pets, but one blondie named Iason Mink has kept a pet named Riki, for years and is rumored to sleep with him. Iason refuses to let go of Riki, even with Jupiter's disapproval. Riki fights with his emotions and society problems, unable to decide what to do about his old friend/lover Gai (Guy) and their gang. Iason is obsessed with keeping Riki, and Riki doesn't know what to do; fight against him or surrender to him.

Ai no Kusabi has finished airing and it has 2 Episodes. It is also Known as: 間の楔, Love Wedge, The Space Between, Wedge of interval, Wedge of Love

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3. Akira


Japan, 1988. An explosion caused by a young boy with psychic powers tears through the city of Tokyo and ignites the fuse that leads to World War III. In order to prevent any further destruction, he is captured and taken into custody, never to be heard from again. Now, in the year 2019, a restored version of the city known as Neo-Tokyo—an area rife with gang violence and terrorism against the current government—stands in its place. Here, Shoutarou Kaneda leads "the Capsules," a group of misfits known for riding large, custom motorcycles and being in constant conflict with their rivals "the Clowns."

During one of these battles, Shoutarou's best friend Tetsuo Shima is caught up in an accident with an esper who finds himself in the streets of Tokyo after escaping confinement from a government institution. Through this encounter, Tetsuo begins to develop his own mysterious abilities, as the government seeks to quarantine this latest psychic in a desperate attempt to prevent him from unleashing the destructive power that could once again bring the city to its knees.

Akira has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: AKIRA(アキラ), Akira

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2. Eve no Jikan (Movie)

Eve no Jikan (Movie)

The movie version is the complete version of the story. It includes all the OVAs and completely new scenes giving details on the background story of some characters.
Sometime in future Japan, androids have been involved in every aspect of people's lives. One day, upon checking his android's behavioral log, Rikuo, a student, noticed his android's returning times have been odd recently. With his friend Masaki, they found out the place where his android, Sammy, have been visiting: a small cafe called Eve no Jikan where androids and human are not seen as different. Upon talking with the "people" in the cafe and discovering more of Sammy's behavior, Rikuo changed his view about androids and treat them as friends rather than tools. At the same time, elsewhere in Japan, the Ethics committee is trying to impose policies to reduce the involvement and use of androids in society.

Time of Eve has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: イヴの時間, Eve's Time, Eve no Jikan 1st Season Complete Edition, Gekijouban Eve no Jikan

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1. Appleseed


Appleseed takes place in the aftermath of World War III, where the General Management Control Office has constructed the experimental city known as Olympus. Built to be a paradise on Earth, Olympus is inhabited by humans, cyborgs, and bioroids (genetically engineered humans designed for increased physical capabilities and decreased emotional capabilities). Bioroids run and control all of the administrative functions of Olympus, ensuring that the city remains the utopian society it was meant to be for all of its citizens. But for some people living in Utopia, the city has become less of a home and more of a cage.
Police officer Calon Mautholos has grown to despise Olympus following his wife's suicide, blaming her death on the lack of creative freedom caused by the rules binding the citizens of the city. As his hatred for the city grows, Calon conspires with the terrorist A.J. Sebastian to destroy the Legislature of the Central Management Bureau to send the rules of Olympus that killed his wife tumbling down. But when Calon discovers it is not political malcontent, but rather hatred for bioroids that motives Sebastian, Calon turns renegade and gains the attention of city officials. Deunan Knute and her partner Briareos of the ESWAT counter-terrorism unit are dispatched to hunt down and stop Calon and Sebastian... by any means necessary!

Appleseed has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: アップル・シード, Appleseed

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