Top 8 Anime Like Beastars 2nd Season

Legoshi accepts himself as a carnivore and makes a move in his romantic relationship with Haru. However, just as when it seems that school life has returned to normal, a new crisis creeps up on Legoshi. It's linked to the culprit of the unsolved "murder incident." Furthermore, at the Black Market, the remnants of the Shishi-Gumi that were supposed to have been defeated are beginning to gain strength again as the "New Shishi-Gumi."

Note: The first episode had an early delivery on Netflix Japan. The regular TV broadcast started on January 7.

Beastars 2nd Season is finished and has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: BEASTARS 2期, Beastars 2

Genres: Slice of Life, Psychological, Drama, Anthropomorphism, Shounen

8. Brand New Animal

In the 21st century, the existence of animal-humans came to light after being hidden in the darkness of history. Michiru lived life as a normal human, until one day she suddenly turns into a tanuki-human. She runs away and takes refuge in a special city area called "Anima City" that was set up 10 years ago for animal-humans to be able to live as themselves. There Michiru meets Shirou, a wolf-human who hates humans. Through Shirou, Michiru starts to learn about the worries, lifestyle, and joys of the animal-humans. As Michiru and Shirou try to learn why Michiru suddenly turned into an animal-human, they unexpectedly get wrapped up in a large incident.

Brand New Animal is finished and has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: BNA ビー・エヌ・エー, BNA

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7. Attack on Titan: The Final Season

4 years after the Survey Corps reached the shore beyond the walls, Falco Grice and Gabi Braun are among Marley's "Warrior Candidates" who wish to inherit the power of the Titans. After emerging victorious in a hard-fought war, they continue their military training when Marley shifts its focus on invading Paradis once again. Nevertheless, in the midst of this announcement, Reiner has an unexpected encounter with a key person from his past... one who brings along terror and chaos.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season is finished and has 16 Episodes. It is also Known as: Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season, 進撃の巨人 The Final Season, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4, Attack on Titan Season 4

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6. Trigun

Vash the Stampede is the man with a $$60,000,000 bounty on his head. The reason: he's a merciless villain who lays waste to all those that oppose him and flattens entire cities for fun, garnering him the title "The Humanoid Typhoon." He leaves a trail of death and destruction wherever he goes, and anyone can count themselves dead if they so much as make eye contact—or so the rumors say. In actuality, Vash is a huge softie who claims to have never taken a life and avoids violence at all costs.

With his crazy doughnut obsession and buffoonish attitude in tow, Vash traverses the wasteland of the planet Gunsmoke, all the while followed by two insurance agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who attempt to minimize his impact on the public. But soon, their misadventures evolve into life-or-death situations as a group of legendary assassins are summoned to bring about suffering to the trio. Vash's agonizing past will be unraveled and his morality and principles pushed to the breaking point.

Trigun is finished and has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: トライガン, Trigun

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5. Centaur no Nayami

Himeno is a sweet, shy little centaur girl. In her world, everyone seems to be a supernatural creature, and all her classmates have some kind of horns, wings, tails, halos, or other visible supernatural body part. Despite their supernatural elements, Himeno and her best friends, Nozomi and Kyoko, have a fun and mostly normal daily school life!

A Centaur's Life is finished and has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: セントールの悩み, Centaur's Worries

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4. There She Is!!

The plot revolves around Doki, a female rabbit, meeting, falling in love with, and chasing Nabi, a male cat, in a world where love between the two species is socially unacceptable. The theme of the short is that all love can be accepted and has a chance. Nabi attempts to cure Doki's infatuation for him, but after seeing the extent of her love, he gives in and finds something he can appreciate in her.

There She Is!! is finished and has 5 Episodes. It is also Known as: 떳다 그녀!!, There She Is!!

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3. Odd Taxi

This town should look familiar, but suddenly, it's not. The taxi driver Odokawa lives a very mundane life. He has no family, doesn't really hang out with others, and he's an oddball who is narrow-minded and doesn't talk much. The only people he can call his friends are his doctor, Gouriki, and his classmate from high school, Kakibana. All of his patrons seem to be slightly odd themselves. The college student who wants to be noticed online, Kabasawa. A nurse with secrets, Shirakawa. A comedy duo, the Homosapiens... All these mundane conversations somehow lead to a girl who's gone missing.

Odd Taxi is finished and has 13 Episodes. It is also Known as: オッドタクシー, Oddtaxi

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2. Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre

To gain the skills he needs to surpass his powerful father, Baki enters Arizona State Prison to take on the notorious inmate known as Mr. Unchained.

Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre is finished and has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: 範馬刃牙 SON OF OGRE, Baki 3, The Boy Fascinating the Fighting God

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