Top 5 Anime Like NIJIYON ANIMATION 2 [2024 List]


The second season of NIJIYON ANIMATION.

NIJIYON ANIMATION 2 is currently airing and will have 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: にじよん あにめーしょん2, NIJIYON ANIMATION 2

Genres: Comedy , Music , Slice of Life , Idol

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Top 5 Anime Like NIJIYON ANIMATION 2 [2024 List]

5. Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

The anime takes place at Gama Gama Aquarium, a small aquarium in Okinawa, an hour's bus ride from Naha. Kukuru Misakino is an 18-year-old high school student who works there, and she knows about the "secret" of the aquarium: sometimes you can see mysterious things. One day Kukuru meets Fuuka, standing in front of a water tank with flowing hair and a tear rolling down her cheek. Fuuka has given up on her dream of becoming an idol and she has run away from Tokyo to Okinawa. Wanting to find a place to belong, Fuuka earnestly asks to work at the aquarium. The anime follows Kukuru and Fuuka as they deal with the issues of the secret of the aquarium and a looming crisis of its possible closure.

Aquatope of White Sand has finished airing and it has 24 Episodes. It is also Known as: 白い砂のアクアトープ, Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

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4. Miss Monochrome: The Animation

Miss Monochrome: The Animation

"Miss Monochrome" is an original character design from seiyuu Horie Yui. In March 2012, she first used the "Miss Monochrome" character as a 3D virtual singer to sing her songs at her concert "Horie Yui wo Meguru Bouken III ~Secret Mission Tour~." Later, the character appeared in a range of merchandise as well as in the social network game "Girlfriend (Beta)."
According to the setting, Miss Monochrome loves only the monochrome style, dislikes all kinds of color, and always dreams about changing the world into her favorite monochrome color.

Miss Monochrome: The Animation has finished airing and it has 13 Episodes. It is also Known as: ミス・モノクローム -The Animation-, Miss Monochrome: The Animation

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3. Love Live! Sunshine!!

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Chika Takami, a self-proclaimed normal girl, has never been involved in any clubs and lacked any notable talents. However, after a visit to Tokyo, she discovers a stage where even an ordinary girl like her could shine—the world of school idols. Inspired by the former superstar school idol group μ's, Chika is determined to start her own school idol club in her seaside hometown at Uranohoshi Girl's High School. But even before gathering any students to join the group, the aspiring school idol finds her greatest obstacle to be student council president Dia Kurosawa who stands firmly against the creation of the club.
Just when it seems there is no hope, Chika meets Riko Sakurauchi, a transfer student from Otonokizaka High School, home of μ's. Somewhat shy but a talented piano player, Chika believes her to be a promising recruit, though convincing her to join is easier said than done. In spite of that, Chika chooses to charge forward and overcome the obstacles keeping her from forming a school idol group that shines as bright as the nine that came before her.

Love Live! Sunshine!! has finished airing and it has 13 Episodes. It is also Known as: ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!, Love Live! School Idol Project: Sunshine!!

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2. Nourin


Idol-obsessed Kousaku Hata is left devastated when his favorite, Yuka Kusakabe, unexpectedly announces her retirement at the peak of an illustrious career. As Yuka’s biggest fan, this news proves to be more difficult than he can bear. Shaken to his very core, he sinks into depression and places himself in self-imposed isolation. However, on the day his friends managed to convince him to attend school again, he gets a pleasant surprise.
It turns out that his beloved idol, under the guise of Ringo Kinoshita, has transferred into his class. This miraculous development fills Kousaku with newfound resolve, as he dedicates himself to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With the support of his teacher and friends, Kousaku works toward getting close to the girl of his dreams and uncovering the reason for her retirement from the entertainment industry.

No-Rin has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: のうりん, Agriculture and Forestry

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1. Beck


Tanaka Yukio, better known by his nickname Koyuki, is a 14-year-old who feels disconnected from life in general. Through the act of saving a mismatched dog, he meets guitarist Minami Ryuusuke, and becomes involved in Ryuusuke's new band BECK. Koyuki's life starts to change as the band struggles toward fame.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: ベック, BECK, Mongolian Chop Squad

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