Top 10 Anime Like Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) [2024 List]

Sakura Taisen

Sakura travels to the capital with aspirations of defending the city from the demonic forces of the Black Sanctum Council like her father before her. However, things are not as she imagined as in addition to using her great spiritual energy to pilot a mech called a Kobu, she must also perform on stage as an actor as The Imperial Flower Division's cover is an art theater. Making a fool of herself and ruining a production gets her on everyone's bad side and somehow she must learn to work with them as well as prevent the enemy from destroying several shrines which protect the city.

Sakura Wars has finished airing and it has 25 Episodes. It is also Known as: サクラ大戦, Sakura Taisen

Genres: Steampunk , Earth , Science Fiction , Mecha , Japan , Action , Asia , Comedy , Alternative Past , Past , Adventure

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10. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project

Otonokizaka High School is in a crisis! With the number of enrolling students dropping lower and lower every year, the school is set to shut down after its current first years graduate. However, second year Honoka Kousaka refuses to let it go without a fight. Searching for a solution, she comes across popular school idol group A-RISE and sets out to create a school idol group of her own. With the help of her childhood friends Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami, Honoka forms μ's (pronounced "muse") to boost awareness and popularity of her school.
Unfortunately, it's all easier said than done. Student council president Eli Ayase vehemently opposes the establishment of a school idol group and will do anything in her power to prevent its creation. Moreover, Honoka and her friends have trouble attracting any additional members. But the Love Live, a competition to determine the best and most beloved school idol groups in Japan, can help them gain the attention they desperately need. With the contest fast approaching, Honoka must act quickly and diligently to try and bring together a school idol group and win the Love Live in order to save Otonokizaka High School.

Love Live! School Idol Project has finished airing and it has 13 Episodes. It is also Known as: ラブライブ! School idol project, Love Live! School Idol Project

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9. The Big O

The Big O

Paradigm City is a place without a past. 40 years ago, something happened that wiped the memories of everyone in it. Unfortunately, the people of Paradigm City were very busy before then, making Megadueses (giant robots) and monsters. People who were born after the memory wipe are gaining/recovering memories of the past and using them to build newer threats. With the help of The Big O (a faithful giant robot), his butler Norman and the android Dorothy, Roger Smith keeps Paradigm City safe. As problems mount and more memories surface, Roger's past and Paradigm's future begin to become suspect...

The Big O has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: THEビッグオー, Big O Roger, Big O

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8. Aquarion Logos

Aquarion Logos

For thousands of years after its development, mankind used the written word for communication between people and generations. As millenia passed and technology became more prevalent, writing - and thus, communication as a whole - diminished, until it could only be found on cell phones and computer screens. Seeing an opportunity, the sorcerer Sogan Kenzaki starts infecting words with the Nesta Virus, which brings them to life and turns them into monsters called MJBK (Menace of Japanese with Biological Kinetic energy).

To counter this attack against humanity, an organization known as DEAVA (Division of EArth Verbalism Ability) assembles a group of youths with the ability of "Verbalism". They have to pilot the vector machines, which are used to form the mechas dubbed "Aquarions". The one wild card in the situation is the self-dubbed "savior", a young man who is the direct relative of a famous calligrapher, named Akira Kaibuki.

Aquarion Logos has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: アクエリオンロゴス, Aquarion Logos

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7. Turn A Gundam

Turn A Gundam

It is the Correct Century, two millenniums after a devastating conflict which left the world broken. Earth is now mostly uninhabitable, and thus a remnant of humanity has resided on the Moon while the Earth and its few survivors recover. For years, the "Moonrace," people of the Moon, have continued to check if Earth is fit for resettlement.
A boy named Rolan Cehack and two others are sent down to Earth for a reconnaissance mission. Rolan ends up spending a year on the planet working for the Heim Family, aristocrats living in a Victorian-like society. This family, like others of similar wealthy status, celebrates one's coming of age with a ceremony involving a giant stone statue known as the "White Doll."
To Rolan's surprise, the Moonrace suddenly touches down on Earth with the intent of taking it by force. During the attack, the White Doll is broken apart, revealing a mobile suit called the "Turn A Gundam" inside. With Rolan in its cockpit, the Turn A causes a standoff between the forces of Earth and Moon. The young pilot, along with the people of both sides, must keep the peace and avoid another all-out, catastrophic war.

∀ Gundam has finished airing and it has 50 Episodes. It is also Known as: ∀ガンダム, Mobile Suit Gundam Turn A

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6. The World Ends With You - The Animation

The World Ends With You - The Animation

Neku awakens in the middle of Shibuya's bustling Scramble Crossing with no memory of how he got there. Little does he know, he's been transported to an alternate plane of existence known as the Underground (UG). Now an unwilling participant in the mysterious "Reapers' Game," Neku must partner up with a girl named Shiki in order to survive. Together, they complete missions and defeat monsters known as "Noise" as they gradually uncover the true nature of this twisted Game.

"There's only one way to stay alive in Shibuya: trust your partner." Will they survive the Reapers' Game?

The World Ends With You - The Animation has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation, すばらしきこのせかい The Animation, It's a Wonderful World, This Wonderful World, Subarashiki Konosekai, Subaseka, TWEWY

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5. Silent Möbius

Silent Möbius

The year is 2023 and Alien Beings known as "Lucifer Hawks" have begun invading earth from another dimension. All that stands between them and the enslavement of the human race is the Attacked Mystification Police Department - a special division of the Tokyo Police staffed by women with amazing paranormal abilities.

Silent Möbius has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: サイレントメビウス, Silent Moebius, Silent Möbius, Silent Mobius

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4. Full Moon wo Sagashite

Full Moon wo Sagashite

12-year-old Mitsuki Kouyama's dream to become a professional singer is shattered when she's diagnosed with throat cancer. If a tumor isn't horrific enough, how about being met by two angels of death shortly after?
Meroko Yui and Takuto Kira, of the shinigami duo "Negi Ramen," inform Mitsuki that she has just one year left to live. Instead of getting discouraged, however, Mitsuki decides to make the most of her last year, and pursues her singing dream with a passion.
Aided by Meroko and Takuto, Mitsuki finds success and failure, love and loss, and deals with her fate and other difficult subjects the best she can. Full Moon wo Sagashite is the story of a little girl who refuses to let something as insignificant as fate slow her down.

Searching for the Full Moon has finished airing and it has 52 Episodes. It is also Known as: 満月をさがして, Full Moon o Sagashite

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3. Erementar Gerad

Erementar Gerad

After a routine raid, the rookie sky pirate Coud finds a most unusual cargo in his mates' cargo hold: Ren, an "Edel Reid", a race prized by humans for granting special combat power to their partners through "Reacting". He quickly discovers, however, that Ren is even more prized than he expected. The pirate ship is visited by three members of the Edel Reid Complete Protection Agency "Arc Aire", who try to purchase her. When Coud refuses, the ship is suddenly attacked by a mysterious force, and Coud's captain charges him with Ren's protection.

Elemental Gelade has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: エレメンタルジェレイド, Erementar Gerade

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2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

On August 10th of the year 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sights set on Japan. Operations were completed in one month thanks to Britannia's deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. Japan's rights and identity were stripped away, the once proud nation is now referred to as Area 11. Its citizens, Elevens, are forced to scratch out a living while the Britannian aristocracy lives comfortably within their settlements. Pockets of resistance appear throughout Area 11, working towards independence for Japan.

Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the heart of the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has finished airing and it has 25 Episodes. It is also Known as: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch, コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

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1. IS: Infinite Stratos

IS: Infinite Stratos

Japan engineered an armed powered exoskeleton "Infinite Stratos" (IS) and it became the mainstream of weapons. Since only women can operate IS, women dominate the society over men. Orimura Ichika is a 15-year-old boy and accidentally touches an IS placed in the IS pilot training school. He is found to be the only man who can operate IS and forced to enter the training school. Ichika's busy school life surrounded by girls has begun.

Infinite Stratos has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: IS 〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉, IS

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