Top 10 Anime Like Steel Angel Kurumi (Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi) [2024 List]

Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi

During Japan's Taisho Era (1912-1926), a scientist named Ayanokoji developed the Steel Angel - an artificial humanoid with superhuman physical abilities. While the Imperial Army wanted to use the Steel Angel as a new means of modern warfare, Ayanokoji wanted his creation to be a new step in the future of mankind. Thus, he defied orders from the Army and secretly made the Steel Angel codenamed "Kurumi". Then one day, a young boy named Nakahito Kagura snuck into Ayanokoji's house as a dare by his friends and stumbled upon Kurumi's lifeless body. A sudden attack by the Imperial Army shook the house, causing Kurumi to fall on Nakahito. At that moment, their lips met, and Kurumi woke up from "the kiss that started a miracle".

Steel Angel Kurumi has finished airing and it has 24 Episodes. It is also Known as: 鋼鉄天使くるみ, Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi

Genres: Romance , Science Fiction , Japan , Action , Comedy , Maid , Past , Android , Plot Continuity , Mecha , Historical , Adventure , Military

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10. Kanokon


Kouta has girl troubles of the supernatural sort. For some reason, he keeps attracting the attention (and affections) of animal spirits!
Having spent most of his life in the country, Kouta is understandably nervous when he moves in with his grandma to attend a high school in the big city. He hoped to make a good impression, but having Chizuru, a beautiful fox spirit, hanging off his arm didn't seem to be the sort of image he wanted to have. She's not alone in her love for Kouta, either. Nozomu, a wolf spirit, as well as other youkai have their sights set on the hapless country boy.

Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: かのこん, Kanokon

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9. Kore ga Watashi no Goshujinsama

Kore ga Watashi no Goshujinsama

Izumi Sawatari and her younger sister, Mitsuki Sawatari, have run away from home and are in need of employment. The only jobs available are as maids in the mansion of 14-year-old millionaire, Yoshitaka Nakabayashi. What seems like simple work is soon revealed to be far more than the girls bargained for when they find Yoshitaka to be an authoritative employer who demands they call him "Master".

He is My Master has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: これが私の御主人様, That's My Master

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8. Chobits


When computers start to look like humans, can love remain the same?
Hideki Motosuwa is a young country boy who is studying hard to get into college. Coming from a poor background, he can barely afford the expenses, let alone the newest fad: Persocoms, personal computers that look exactly like human beings. One evening while walking home, he finds an abandoned Persocom. After taking her home and managing to activate her, she seems to be defective, as she can only say one word, "Chii," which eventually becomes her name. Unlike other Persocoms, however, Chii cannot download information onto her hard drive, so Hideki decides to teach her about the world the old-fashioned way, while studying for his college entrance exams at the same time.
Along with his friends, Hideki tries to unravel the mystery of Chii, who may be a "Chobit," an urban legend about special units that have real human emotions and thoughts, and love toward their owner. But can romance flourish between a Persocom and a human?

Chobits has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: ちょびっツ, Chobits

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7. Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids. Mahoro is Vesper's most powerful battle android and has won many battles, but she has little operating time left and soon will cease to function. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. Mahoro is given an opportunity to live the remaining time she has as a normal human. She chooses to live as a maid for Suguru, a phenomenally messy middle school student who lives by himself after his family passed away.

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: まほろまてぃっく, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

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6. Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess

Pacifica Casull is the most feared and hated person by the followers of the God Mauser. Known as the Scrapped Princess, she is the poison that will destroy the world. To avoid being killed by the zealots of Mauser, Pacifica and her adoptive brother and sister leave the village of Manhurin. Her brother, Shannon, is an expert with the sword while Racquel is proficient with magic. At every step of the way, however, someone is constantly trying to kill Pacifica, hoping to somehow avert the catastrophe that is supposed to befall the world on her 16th birthday.

Scrapped Princess has finished airing and it has 24 Episodes. It is also Known as: スクラップド・プリンセス, Haiki Oujo

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5. Haikara-san ga Tooru

Haikara-san ga Tooru

Set in the 1920s, Haikara-san ga Tooru is the story of the high-spirited tomboy Benio and her relationship with a handsome half-German soldier named Shinobu. Benio is a very outgoing and athletic girl with firm ideas about being able to live her life as she wants to. When she first meets Shinobu, she dislikes him intensely, even though he manages to help her out of a series of embarrassing mishaps. She is therefore surprised when she finds out that she has been forced into an arranged marriage and that her husband-to-be is none other than Shinobu! The story then has many twists and turns, as Shinobu has to fight in the war, Benio has to wrangle with the idea of getting married, and getting along with her future in-laws and employer. Meanwhile, the great Kanto earthquake looms in the future...

Smart-san has finished airing and it has 42 Episodes. It is also Known as: はいからさんが通る, Here Comes Ms. Modern, Mademoiselle Anne, Haikara-san Passes, Comes Miss High-Collar, Haikara-san ga Toru

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4. Elf Princess Rane

Elf Princess Rane

Gou has woved to find the legendary treasure of Salamander. Searching for it he meets Ren, a fairy, who is looking for the four treasures of Heart. Gou's childhood friend Mari is frustrated with Gou running after treasures, but befriends with another fairy Rin. Gou and Ren's treasure hunt messes with a secret project led by Mari's father. It turns out Salamander isn't what Gou thought it was in the first place...

Elf Princess Rane has finished airing and it has 2 Episodes. It is also Known as: Yousei Hime Ren, 妖精姫レーン, Yosei Hime Ren, Fairy Princess Ren

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3. Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart was founded alongside the development of "Machinart," machine magic capable of giving life and intelligence to mechanical dolls subsequently called as "automaton." Its aim: train skilled puppeteers to control the automatons, as militaries across the globe have begun incorporating Machinart into their armies.
After miserably failing the academy's entrance exams, Raishin Akabane and his humanoid automaton Yaya must defeat one of the top one hundred students to earn the right to take part in the Evening Party, a fight for supremacy between puppeteers using their automatons. The last one standing is bestowed the title of "Wiseman" and granted access to the powerful forbidden arts.
Thus, Raishin challenges Charlotte Belew and her automaton Sigmund to a duel, but before they even begin, Sigmund is attacked by other students. After saving his opponents from their assaulters, Raishin cancels the duel but is forced to search for a new way to gain access to the Party. Driven by the tragedies of his past, Raishin fights alongside Yaya to rise to the top and claim the title of Wiseman.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: 機巧少女〈マシンドール〉は傷つかない, Machine Girl wa Kizutsukanai, Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai

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2. Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora

Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora revolves around the life of Kuu Shiratori, a seemingly normal high school girl who enjoys her school life in the giant city Academia, which is thought of as a symbol of recovery for humanity since already ten years have passed since the greatest disaster mankind had ever seen, occurred. Kuu has recently been having a recurring dream where a prince meets her and takes her away. One day, while all the students at her school are preparing for the upcoming school festival, the prince, whom she has met several times in her dreams, appears. The prince, Kyoshiro Ayanokoji, requests of her just as he had done in Kuu's dreams, "Let's go... together..."

Shattered Angels has finished airing and it has 12 Episodes. It is also Known as: 京四郎と永遠(とわ)の空, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky

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1. Saber Marionette J

Saber Marionette J

In the distant future, since the Earth has become overpopulated, efforts to find and colonize on other planets have begun. However, one of the ships, the "Mesopotamia" malfunctions and all but 6 of its inhabitants are all killed. the remaining 6 manage to escape to a nearby planet named "Terra ll ", which is similar to Earth in many respects. However, all of them are male. Therefore, as to not let their efforts go to waste, they begin to set up 6 countries and to reproduce through cloning and genetic engineering. however, there are still no women, and to make up for it they create lifelike advanced female androids called "Marionettes" which do everyday chores and work. However, they are all emotionless machines. But one day, a ordinary boy named Otaru finds and awakens 3 special battle type Marionettes that have emotions due to a "Maiden Circuit" within them. It's up to him then to teach them and allow their emotions to grow, and when a nearby country threatens with world domination, it's up to to Otaru and his "human" Marionettes to protect their country.

Saber Marionette J has finished airing and it has 25 Episodes. It is also Known as: セイバーマリオネットJ, Saber Marionette J

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