Top 6 Anime Like Ghost Slayers Ayashi (Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi) [2024 List]

Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi

In the year of Tenpo 14, Yoi, monsters from another world attack Edo. Those who fight against them are members of Bansha Aratemesho. In public, Bansha Aratemsho is known as an organization to study foreign books. In fact, they are a organization dedicated to destroying the Yoi. These warriors are called Ayakashi. They gather information of odd events in the country, and are sent to destroy Yoi who appear. They are generally very strange people. For example, a guy who has lost his memory, a girl who dresses like a man. They have special powers with which to beat the Yoi.

Ghost Slayers Ayashi has finished airing and it has 25 Episodes. It is also Known as: 天保異聞 妖奇士, Tenpouibun Ayakashiayashi, Strange Story of Tempou Era: Ayakashiayashi

Genres: Earth , Fantasy , Tokugawa Period , Japan , Contemporary Fantasy , Action , Asia , Special Squads , Tokyo , Magic , Horror , Past , Plot Continuity , Samurai , Demon , Super Power , Historical

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Top 6 Anime Like Ghost Slayers Ayashi (Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi) [2024 List]

6. Mushibugyou


In Feudal Japan, the people of Edo are under siege by giant insects that ravage the land. The people desperately beg the government to do something about it. Thus the Insect Magistrate Office is established, gathering strong warriors to defend against the onset of pests.Mushibugyou follows Jinbee Tsukishima, a young man striving to be a master swordsman like his father. To atone for a horrific incident that occurred at his fault, Jinbee seeks to take his father's place as a member of the Insect Magistrate Office. On his journey there, he meets the lovely Haru, a young woman who helps manage her family’s tea house, and is forced to put his sword to good use in saving her from a grisly fate. This act of bravery that earns him a spot in the Insect Magistrate. Will this rookie exterminator be able to rid the land of the horde of insects swarming in?

Mushibugyo has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: ムシブギョー 蟲奉行, Mushibugyou

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5. Samurai Deeper Kyou

Samurai Deeper Kyou

In the year 1600, at the fog-covered battlefield of Sekigahara, a fierce battle was waged by two exemplary swordsmen. One was Kyoushirou Mibu, a skilled and noble warrior in possession of the unique powers of the Mibu Clan. The other was the thousand-man slayer, with eyes and hair the color of blood, "Demon Eyes" Kyou. Their legendary clash was cut short when a meteor from the heavens fell down upon that battlefield, leaving both to vanish in its wake.Samurai Deeper Kyou begins four years after that battle, when a gun-wielding bounty hunter by the name of Yuya Shiina hunts down Kyoushirou—now a perverted, traveling medicine-man who has built up a large debt. On her way to claim his bounty, they are attacked by an inhuman monster that seeks to devour Kyoushirou. This encounter awakens "Demon Eyes" Kyou, whose mind has been trapped inside of Kyoushirou's body ever since that fateful battle. Thus begins a grand tale of legendary two swordsmen and the discovery of their secrets.

Samurai Deeper Kyo has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: SAMURAI DEEPER KYO, Samurai Deeper Kyou

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4. Yuki


Up in Heaven, Yuki’s grandparents decide that, having turned thirteen years old, she must go down to Earth to a village that is torn by bandits and intervene to save its people. However, if she does not succeed within one year, she will become as insubstantial as the wind. Down in the village, Yuki is befriended by a group of orphans whose parents have been killed by the bandits and who now subsist by begging. Yuki amazes them by taming the wild horse Blizzard. She is instrumental in getting the orphans and farmers to stand up to first the warring bandits and then Goemon, the greedy lord that owns the region. Yuki must then face her greatest challenge when the displeased Demon God that lives in the volcano emerges to destroy those who live beneath.

Yuki: Snow Fairy has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: ゆき, Yuki

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3. Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger

In the Sengoku period of Japan, a young orphan named Kotarou and his dog Tobimaru steal from unsuspecting villagers in order to make ends meet. However, Kotarou is forced to remain on the run when he finds himself being hunted down by assassins sent by China's Ming Dynasty for mysterious reasons not involving his petty crimes.
Fortunately, the duo run into Nanashi, a ronin who has taken refuge in a small temple, when Kotarou is attacked and Tobimaru poisoned. Although the samurai saves the helpless pair from their pursuers, he feels that there is no need to help them further; but when offered a gem in exchange for his services as a bodyguard, he reluctantly accepts Kotarou's offer of employment—just until Tobimaru is healed and the two reach their destination. As the three set out on a perilous journey, it soon becomes evident that their path is riddled with danger, as the Ming Dynasty has now sent a terrifying swordsman after them to capture Kotarou and fulfill a certain prophecy.

Sword of the Stranger has finished airing and it has 1 Episodes. It is also Known as: Stranger: Mukou Hadan, ストレンヂア -無皇刃譚-, Stranger: Mukoh Hadan, Stranja

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2. Aquarion Logos

Aquarion Logos

For thousands of years after its development, mankind used the written word for communication between people and generations. As millenia passed and technology became more prevalent, writing - and thus, communication as a whole - diminished, until it could only be found on cell phones and computer screens. Seeing an opportunity, the sorcerer Sogan Kenzaki starts infecting words with the Nesta Virus, which brings them to life and turns them into monsters called MJBK (Menace of Japanese with Biological Kinetic energy).

To counter this attack against humanity, an organization known as DEAVA (Division of EArth Verbalism Ability) assembles a group of youths with the ability of "Verbalism". They have to pilot the vector machines, which are used to form the mechas dubbed "Aquarions". The one wild card in the situation is the self-dubbed "savior", a young man who is the direct relative of a famous calligrapher, named Akira Kaibuki.

Aquarion Logos has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: アクエリオンロゴス, Aquarion Logos

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1. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

In the final years of the Bakumatsu, wandering mercenary Yojiro Akizuki travels the length and breadth of Japan. And while he employs his sword in the usual fashion, he also uses it to help him locate supernatural items which he pursues with single-minded determination, often with bloody results. In the course of his quest, he crosses paths with a traveling theater group whose members have their own dark agenda. Is it a chance meeting or the result of some, as yet, undiscovered conspiracy?

Intrigue in the Bakumatsu: Irohanihoheto has finished airing and it has 26 Episodes. It is also Known as: 幕末機関説 いろはにほへと, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

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