Top Manga Like Delinquent Cinderella

Nan Hui was sent off to the city to live with her mother and her nasty grandmother when she was caught smoking at her country school again. There she rescued the drunk and ungrateful, Gong Myeong from the beatings of five boys. Angry that he did not appreciate her help, she stomped on his arm and ran off…not expecting to meet him again.

Gong Myeong devised a plan with Nan Hui after being heartbroken over losing a girl he loves to his half-brother, Baek Jae Ha.

"We’re not going to really love each other. We’ll be a contract couple to get what we both want.”

The handsome bad boy, Cha Gong Myeong & bad girl, Lee Nan Hui are declared a couple of horror!

What will happen when Nan Hui’s best friend, who is in love with her, comes to Seoul? Things get even more complicated when Gong Myeong’s half-brother falls for Nan Hui.

Can this bad prince give this bad Cinderella her glass slipper? Will love blossom between these two bad personalities?

Delinquent Cinderella is finished and has 10 Volumes and null Chapters. It is also Known as: 불량 신데렐라, Delinquent Cinderella

Genres: Shoujo Ai

Top Manga Like Delinquent Cinderella

3. Red Lion

Quite possibly the best and most reknown fighter of all the schools is a red haired girl, solely referred to as the Red Lion. But as the Red Lion suddenly disappears one day, we find that's only the beginning to the trials of real "Red Lion".

Red Lion is currently publishing . It is also Known as: 레드 라이온, Red Lion

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2. Boy of the Female Wolf

Eun-soo Cha is the main character of the story.

Eun-soo has hated her Mother ever since she was abandoned by her. Raised by her Grandma, she became a wild child that likes to fight.

She has even disguised herself so well as a guy that people won't believe her even if she says she's a girl. She can fight well, and is even referred to as hot by girls. One day, however, her Grandma's already bad health worsens, and she promises not to fight anymore.

When Eun-soo's grandma dies soon after, she decides to leave Dae-Jeon and goes to Seoul to live with her Mother, despite still hating her, because she has nowhere else to go.

There, she runs into one of the best fighters, at her new school, and immediately gets on his bad side. What will happen? Will she break her promise to her grandma? Will love bloom?

Boy of the Female Wolf is finished and has 17 Volumes and null Chapters. It is also Known as: 암컷늑대의 BOY, The female wolf Boy

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1. Pretty Haru

As children, Lee Haru and Yun Dong-Ha made a promise, one to become a famous baseball player, the other a ballerina. When Lee Haru departs for Russia, they both decide that when they meet again they'll become a couple.

Fast-foward several years, and Dong-Ha, now a feared deliquent, is excited to find out Lee-Haru is returning to his school. Expecting to meet a gorgeous, skinny ballerina, he is rather dismayed to find out Haru hasn't exactly turned out the way he expected.

From Baka-Updates

Pretty Haru is finished and has 3 Volumes and 12 Chapters. It is also Known as: 꽃 같은 하루, Flower day

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