Top 9 Manga Like Momoiro Sango [2024 List]

Momoiro Sango

Tachibana Sango is a poor student looking for a decent place to stay on a shoestring budget. When it appears that he has found the perfect place, it turns out to be anything but, as his new roommates, a trio of young ladies, seem determined to run him ragged and make his life miserable.

Momoiro Sango has finished publishing and it has 185 Chapters. It is also Known as: ももいろさんご, 2-nen C-gumi Ittetsu-sensei, Boku to Kimi to Inu no Ore, One Piece no Koibito, Joushi Saki

Genres: Comedy , Thriller , Ecchi

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9. Swing Out Sisters

Swing Out Sisters

It’s finals time, but tests aren’t the only things stressing out Yuuta, who’s literally being smothered with affection from his beautiful sisters: Chiyoko, who is feminine, caring, and coddles him; and Chinatsu, a strong-willed tomboy who desperately seeks his attention by picking on him. Who will triumph in this sibling love triangle?

Swing Out Sisters has finished publishing and it has 8 Chapters. It is also Known as: Kaizoku Shoumai

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8. Otomari Honey

Otomari Honey

A love-stricken 15 year-old girl visits her object of desire...
Only to find that he already houses 3 other girls in his room! So what does she do to protect him? Why move right on in with them, of course! Hilarity and fan service ensues!

Otomari Honey has finished publishing and it has 35 Chapters. It is also Known as: おとまりHONEY, Otomari Honey

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7. Giri Giri♥Sisters

Giri Giri♥Sisters

The Girigiri sisters story takes 5 out of the 10 chapters including the extra with the rest being independent stories.
Girigiri Sisters (ch.1-4)
Girigiri Sisters Extra
Mion likes a boy in her class, Tsukasa. By crazy coincidence Tsukasa becomes her brother after their parents get married. Now away on there honeymoon Mion along with her little sister Kotone which seems to be infatuated with there new brother are left alone with him in the house.
How will there relationship go? And what will happen when another girl in school shows interest in him?
Sakura Rises to the Front
A new pretty rich girl along with her cute little maid arrives at school. Naoto pumps on her by accident in the hallway and gets kicked by the maid. He ends up in the nursery room with them watching him along with the nurse. When he wakes up and with the nurse gone he discovers that Sakura-chan(the rich girl) didn't came to school just for classes.
HINA Project
A boy crazy about his big sister Hina who is an idol, will see his dreams come true when she comes to his room while his watching her videos.
24 Hour Rehabilitation Ward
Haruka-chan a young nurse gives blowjobs everyday to correct her mistake of giving a wrong medicine to a patient that keeps him constantly erected. But what will happen when the other patients in the room decide to join them?
In The Nurse's Room
The school nurse is forced to please the janitor after he threatens to reveal her sex acts with a teacher in the school area.
Step Up
A high school student is in-love with his home school teacher. A university girl. But he also has his big brother to worry about.

Giri Giri♥Sisters has finished publishing and it has 10 Chapters. It is also Known as: ギリギリ♥Sisters, Sakura Rises to the Front, Hina Project, 24 Hour Rehabilitation Ward, In the Nurse's Room, Step Up

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6. Sister Trap

Sister Trap

Naohito has asked Chisato to move in with him and it is important to Chisato that he meets her family first.

Included one-shots: Ano Ko no Kare (あの娘の彼), Pure Girl, Sei Family Restaurant Gakuen (聖ファミレス学園)

Sister Trap has finished publishing and it has 10 Chapters. It is also Known as: シスタートラップ, Sister Trap Paradise, Ano Ko no Kare, Pure Girl, Sei Family Restaurant Gakuen

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5. Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki

Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki

Hozuki Gorou is your average high school student in all respects, except for having a crush on his sadistic older step sister, Haru. Haru delights in toying with her step brother: flirting, deceiving, and humiliating him at every given opportunity. Serialized in Young Ace, Igarashi Ran's 4-koma crack comedy follows the relationship between the two step siblings and the troubles of their daily life.

Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki has finished publishing and it has 32 Chapters. It is also Known as: 鬼灯さん家のアネキ, The Hoozuki Siblings, Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki: Nano Branch

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4. SS Sisters

SS Sisters

This story is about a (un)lucky guy who gets sadistically and sexually tortured in unconventional ways.

Super Sadistic Sisters has finished publishing and it has 31 Chapters. It is also Known as: SSシスターズ, SS Sisters

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3. Shounen yo Taishi wo dake!

Shounen yo Taishi wo dake!

Without doing much research on the school or surrounding areas, Hibino Ryouichiro picks an art school in Hokkaido. Tricked by the school advertisements, he goes to the campus only to find out it is a desolate and cold campus. The only glimmer of happiness for Ryouichiro are the girls on campus. Just hours after meeting Kisaragi Riho, the cute girl on campus, she seduces him only to find himself outside naked after she is done with him. Feeling heartbroken and used, he finds comfort in Aso Tomoe, who lives on the floor below at the dorms. Although it is freezing outside, it is hot underneath the sheets for Ryouichiro.

Shounen yo Taishi wo dake! has finished publishing and it has 25 Chapters. It is also Known as: 少年よ大志を抱け!, Boys Be Ambitious

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2. Boku no Bandai-san

Boku no Bandai-san

Mochidzuki Renta is an aspiring college student, trying to support himself while studying for the entrance exam of his preferred school. He's started renting the spare room in the Hanano bath house. What this means is that he's living with the sweet, hardworking, innocent, and quite beautiful Bandai Sakurako, who runs the bathhouse.
They are growing to like each other more and more, but one thing could potentially sabotage their budding romance. Every other woman Renta meets, even his college entrance cram school teacher, seems desperate to get in his pants. And Renta meets a fair amount of women, since the girls from the dorm of the nearby nursing school often come to the bathhouse. Will Renta be able to deflect the unwanted attentions of all those women in order to pursue a relationship with Sakurako?

Boku no Bandai-san has finished publishing and it has 33 Chapters. It is also Known as: ボクの番台さん, Boku no Bandai-san

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1. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis

Keita has two step-sisters who love him in a lustful way and have no problems expressing it, they even are in competition about that. Much to the laughs of his friends, he endures it but when one day they come to his school to give him his lunch, he gets annoyed and explodes on them, then they confess their feelings for him in front of everyone and leave. Feeling sorry he chases after them and says that he'll study hard in order to get in the same high school as them.

has finished publishing and it has 154 Chapters. It is also Known as: キス×シス, Kissxsis

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