Top 8 Manga Like Royal 17 [2024 List]

Royal 17

Since the day she was born, Rumina has had her life planned out for her. Since she's from a high-class family, she's expected to do everything perfectly and she gets no choice in anything; not her friend, make-up or even boyfriend! Fed up, Rumina runs away and goes to a fastfood joint. After she's ordered, she realizes that she hadn't brought her wallet. A handsome teen pays for her meal, but in exchange she has to go on a date with him. Insulted after he steals her first kiss, she returns home. There, she finds out that he's her new bodyguard! [Baka-Updates]
• Volume 1 extra:
1) Club Papillion
2) B-men Kazoku extra - Merumo-tan Passes Through
• Volume 2 extra :
B-Men Kazoku extra - Merumo-tan Comes Again
• Volume 3 extra :
Princess Paffy and the 40 Thieves -
Princess Paffy has lived a happy life with her servant and friend Klaster at her side. However, she has been commanded by her father to marry a wealthy man in one week to save the kingdom. In order to avoid marriage, Paffy decides to track down the band of thieves responsible for the country's bankruptcy and take back what they stole.

Royal 17 is currently publishing and it has 12 Chapters. It is also Known as: ロイヤルセブンティーン, Royal Seventeen

Genres: Drama , Romance , Ecchi , Adventure

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8. Sexy Guardian

Sexy Guardian

Juuna's uncle gets her to enroll in the school where he's principal. The only problem is that it's an all boys school! With all those rabid guys around, Juuna needs someone to protect her. In comes Shibuki to be her bodyguard...but Juuna wants him to do more to her body than just guard it!

Sexy Guardian is currently publishing and has 9 Chapters. It is also Known as: SEXYガ―ディアン, SEXY Gaadian

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7. Sensei no Okiniiri!

Sensei no Okiniiri!

Misuzu just started her dream job teaching at a prestigeous high school, and she feels totally motivated. Recently, she began going out with the principal Kazuki, and their relationship couldn't be better. But one day. Kazuki's younger brother Masahiro, who happens to be a student at the same school, forced Misuzu (against her will) to have sex with him. But, somehow, it turns into love?! This is a huge secret that they can't tell anyone: the love affair between a teacher and a student.

Teacher's Pet! has finished publishing and it has 4 Chapters. It is also Known as: 先生のお気に入り!, Sensei no Okiniiri!

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6. Love♥Monster


After failing the entrance exams to her school of choice, Hiyo Osora gets an acceptance letter from SM Academy. But she didn't even apply or take its exam! When she arrives, there's something amiss -- all the students are... monsters!? And the head of the student council says he's her fiancé right before he sprouts giant black wings! What strange fate brought Osora to SM Academy, and what supernatural fate awaits her after this!?

Love♥Monster has finished publishing and it has 82 Chapters. It is also Known as: ラブ♥モンスター, Love♥Monster

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5. Lovenista


Lovenista tells the very modern tale of a girl with a perchant for picking the wrong guys to fall for... and the bad boy who may just be good for her after all!

Lovenista is currently publishing and has 10 Chapters. It is also Known as: ラブニスタ, Love Nista, Girls Love Bible

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4. Rensou no Aria

Rensou no Aria

Aria’s parents have been gone since she was very young. Thus, she’s had to grow up in a “foster home” of sorts, and was raised by nuns. On her 16th birthday, Aria recieves a present in the mail– a ring from her “Daddy-long-legs” (a man who protects someone from afar while they’re growing up)! All of a sudden Aria’s life is thrown into chaos. Men try to run her over with cars, shoot her, and kidnap her. Relief comes in the form of Canon, who claims he’s her bodyguard. But can he keep Aria safe forever?

Rensou no Aria has finished publishing and it has 5 Chapters. It is also Known as: My Destiny

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3. Chou yo Hana yo

Chou yo Hana yo

Choko Kuze is the sensible daughter of a venerable family who went bankrupt. She joins a real estate company as an entry-level office worker, but her eccentric boss is harder on her than anyone else in the company! After hearing him inadvertently call her "milady", she realizes he was the young servant boy she knew as a child. At work he's a tyrant, but after hours he insists on treating her like a lady of the nobility. Is romance even possible for a couple locked in such a crazy role reversal?

Butterflies, Flowers has finished publishing and it has 40 Chapters. It is also Known as: 蝶よ花よ, O Butterfly O Flower

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2. Arakure


Sachie Wakamura just lost her mother, and her estranged grandfather has shown up to take care of her. The only problem is that Grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang! Too scared to join her new family, Sachie tries to continue living her normal life. She can't run far though, since one of the most popular guys in school is part of her grandfather's gang and her new protector. No one at school knows about Rakuto's hidden life, and soon Sachie finds herself falling for her bodyguard. But she's the granddaughter of Rakuto's boss, and he can never show his feelings for her. Can Sachie find a way to fit into her new family and grab her chance at love?

Wild Ones has finished publishing and it has 57 Chapters. It is also Known as: アラクレ, Arakure

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1. Ojousama to Oresama to

Ojousama to Oresama to

Kaoru Sakurai, the successor of the Sakurai Japanese Dance, made a promise with her childhood friend, Shihou Takaaki, to remain together forever. However, Takaaki left to study in England. Separated for 10 years, Takaaki returns to Japan to become Kaoru's tutor. Yet, Takaaki's uptight and cool demeanor is nothing like the childhood friend Kaoru remembers. How will their relationship progress?

Lady and Bodyguard is currently publishing and has 5 Chapters. It is also Known as: お嬢さまとオレさまと, A Young Lady and Her Servant

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Onii-chan wa Oshimai

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