Top 5 Manga Like Shi, Hwa, and Mong (Shi Hwa Mong) [2023 List]

Shi Hwa Mong

Shi, Hwa and Mong are sisters. They have something special: they are triplets. After losing their mother, they are each entrusted to a different family. Thus, Shi lives in New York; Mong in Japan and Hwa remains in Korea. Nine years later Shi comes to find all the three in Korea... What became of their father? And why were they separated?

Shi, Hwa, and Mong It is also Known as: 시화몽, Shi Hwa and Mong, Shi, Hwa, and Mong, Shiwhamong

Genres: Comedy , Shoujo Ai , Drama , Romance

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Top 5 Manga Like Shi, Hwa, and Mong (Shi Hwa Mong) [2023 List]

5. She's Kids

She's Kids

Shizuka, age 17, was raised by her mother, and the two are very close. However, the store her mom's worked hard to maintain was swindled by the Sakurasei Real Estate Company. Shizuka then, pretending to be the new wife of the president of Sakurasei, enters the Sakurasei family home while the president is away on business to get back the deed to her mom's store. In an instant she becomes "mom" to three boys, and the eldest son Kanon is the same age as her...

She's Kids has not yet been published. It is also Known as: She's Kids

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4. Nekokaburi to Kenage na Chuuken

Nekokaburi to Kenage na Chuuken

An undesirable, inseparable relationship with a black hearted prince is sweet but a dangerous trap of love.

Nekokaburi to Kenage na Chuuken is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: Nekokaburi to Kenage na Chuuken

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3. B - Wanted

B - Wanted

Sunao always thought she'd fall in love when she started junior high school. But there aren't any attractive boys at school. Still Sunao doesn't give up and meets two handsome upperclassmen. The kind and sensitive Toru and the cheerful and friendly Kaoru are members of the school Magic Club, which Sunao also joins. Then she finds out that Toru and Kaoru are actually thieves known as "B-apostrophe" who need Sunao's help as a master of the martial art Shinbu-ryu. They are trying to find the treasures hidden by the illustrious thief from the Taisho Era. According to the legend, whoever finds seven glass balls and solves the seven secrets, hidden in each, will win treasures worth 30 billion yen and learn a strange magic secret. Sunao is surprised by this and becomes part of the team because she is attracted to the boys. It's like being in heaven surrounded by two such beauties. But they are not the only ones after the treasures. Somebody called "B" always gets in their way. "B-apostrophe" might know who "B" is... Sunao is swayed by her complex feelings: She likes Toru, but occasionally feels a pull towards Kaoru and even to "B" when he makes contact with her!

B - Wanted has not yet been published. It is also Known as: B-Wanted, B Wanted

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2. Assembler 0X

Assembler 0X

In A.D. 1997. Having failed to conqer the Earth, Compiler and Assembler from Another World settle down in the residence of Nati and Toshi Igarashi whom they choose as their partners. As they start their literally unworldly community life, various Sudaran assassins arrive from Another World one after another to attack Compiler and Assembler, until, in good time, all of those begin to turn into old memories... Yes, in 2000, the last year of the century, Assembler has started to lead quite a different life --- a life as a "human being"...

Assembler 0X is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: アセンブラ0X, Assembler 0X

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1. Da Capo III

Da Capo III

An island named Hatsune-jima shaped similarly to a crescent moon is famous for its cheery blossom trees, one of which is rumored to make any wish come true. One day, the unofficial newspaper club decides to challenge the official newspaper club to see who can write a better article. Ricca Morizono, the president of the newspaper club, accepts the challenge along with Himeno Katsuragi, Charles Yoshino, Sara Rukawa, Aoi Hinomoto and the only male member of the club, Kiyotaka Yoshino, the protagonist. However the girls start to find Kiyotaka quite a distraction.

Da Capo III is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: D.C.III ~ダ・カーポIII ~, D.C. III

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