Top Manga Like Sprite [2024 List]


Yoshiko is a hardworking high-school student whose free time is almost entirely taken up by attempts to help out a hikikomori childhood friend and an odd, reclusive uncle.

While on a visit to her uncle's penthouse with two of her friends, Yoshiko notices a black substance that resembles snow beginning to fall from the sky—but her friends see nothing. Soon afterwards, a massive earthquake shakes the city, and Yoshiko, her friends, her uncle and his dog, all find themselves trapped in a strange world they do not recognize...with an assortment of weird people to keep them company.

Sprite has finished publishing and it has 135 Chapters. It is also Known as: スプライト, Sprite

Genres: Horror , Contemporary Fantasy , Thriller , Mystery

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Top Manga Like Sprite [2024 List]

4. Soukai no Eve

Soukai no Eve

It was supposed to be just a regular daily bus drive to their high school for Watanabe Sheena and her friend Yuk, but when the bus enters a thick fog, the unexpected happens and the bus gets transported to another world that seems prehistoric. With the bus driver gone, the only other passengers on the bus in this mysterious world are all high school girls: Izumi, Ayu, Kyoka, Anna and Jessica. With no cell phone or internet signal, they are completely cutoff from their world. To make things worse, they see hundreds of glowing eyes of predators at night waiting for the girls to make a mistake. How will seven high school girls survive in this treacherous place and get back safely to the real world.

Soukai no Eve has finished publishing and it has 17 Chapters. It is also Known as: 蒼界のイヴ, Eve in the Gelasian

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3. Jisatsutou


Treating non-successful suicidal patients requires a lot of money and resources. With low budget and a personal respect argumentation, a doctor will ask a non-successful suicidal patient if they still want to live on or not. If not, the government will respect their wish. However, the government doesn't just simply kill them...

Suicide Island has finished publishing and it has 168 Chapters. It is also Known as: 自殺島, Suicide Island

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2. Chikyuu no Houkago

Chikyuu no Houkago

Most of humanity has been wiped out by mysterious dark monsters known only as "Phantoms." Four survivors, who may well be the last of the human race, have found one another and are sharing a quiet, peaceful existence. These survivors are a kind, dependable teenage boy called Masashi, two teenage girls, shyer Sanae and bolder Yaeko, and a little girl called Anna. They feel as though they're just living in a perpetual "after school" state, waiting for the rest of the human race to come home. As they pass their days together, they begin to see some strange things and find that the monsters have not yet left the Earth. Will they discover what really happened to their planet?

Chikyuu no Houkago has finished publishing and it has 36 Chapters. It is also Known as: 地球の放課後, After School of the Earth, Earth Afterschool

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1. Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu

Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu

Following the occurrence of a strange earthquake, an elementary school mysteriously disappears, in which only a giant hole where the school once stood, remains. While the police and worried parents alike think that everybody in the school were somehow killed, the students and staff find themselves and their school in the middle of a barren wasteland. As chaos and panic begins to engulf the school and its inhabitants, sixth-grader Sho Takamatsu and his friends attempt to find out just what happened to them, while trying to stay alive.

The Drifting Classroom has finished publishing and it has 44 Chapters. It is also Known as: 漂流教室, Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu

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