Top 10 Manhwa/Manga Like The Breaker [2024 List]

The Breaker

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo, is not your ordinary teacher. Shioon, a victim of constant bullying, unexpectedly witnesses Chun-Woo's fighting power, and begs him to make him his disciple. Chun-Woo claims he can teach Shioon only if he is truly determined, and Shioon must jump off a bridge into a deep river in order to prove it!

It turns out, however, that Chun-Woo and his powers are more than meets the eye. Shioon makes a grand entrance into the hidden world of martial arts, and he is about to be taught by the best there is!

The Breaker has finished publishing and it has 72 Chapters. It is also Known as: 브레이커, The Breaker

Genres: Comedy , School Life , Action , Martial Arts

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10. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life. Constantly running errands and being beaten up by his classmates, Ippo has always dreamed of changing himself, but never has the passion to act upon it. One day, in the midst of yet another bullying, Ippo is saved by Takamura Mamoru, who happens to be a boxer. Ippo faints from his injuries and is brought to Takamura boxing gym to recover. As he regains consciousness, he is awed and amazed at his new surroundings in the gym, though lacks confidence to attempt anything. Takamura places a photo of Ippo’s classmate on a punching bag and forces him to punch it. It is only then that Ippo feels something stir inside him and eventually asks Takamura to train him in boxing. Thinking that Ippo does not have what it takes, Takamura gives him a task deemed impossible and gives him a one week time limit. With a sudden desire to get stronger, for himself and his hard working mother, Ippo trains relentlessly to accomplish the task within the time limit. Thus Ippo’s journey to the top of the boxing world begins.

Hajime no Ippo is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: はじめの一歩, The Fighting!, Fighting Spirit, The Fighting! Ippo, Hajime no Ippo Gaiden: Naniwa Tiger

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9. Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made

Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made

Haruka Tooyama is a twelve-year-old girl with incredible precognitive abilities. But her accuracy in predicting the future has made her a target for any number of greedy corporations that would use her power for their own profit. When she is kidnapped, Haruka uses her gift to seek out someone who can help her escape and fixes upon a blind man making his way through the busy streets of Tokyo. Though it may seem an odd choice, Haruka's powers have not led her wrong. Despite his inability to see, her chosen protector’s fighting skills become apparent when he draws a sword from his walking stick and deftly takes out her captors. Knowing she will always be pursued for her gift, Haruka begs the mystery swordsman to keep her safe... "Until Death Do Us Part".

Until Death Do Us Part has finished publishing and it has 217 Chapters. It is also Known as: 死がふたりを分かつまで, UDDUP

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8. Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge

In one unusual Tokyo high school, education takes a backseat to brawling as warring clubs wreak havoc in the hallways and chaos in the classrooms, all vying to be the baddest team around! Although they often contribute their fair share, only a handful of students serve to stem the tide of violence in this untamed outpost. These are the few, the proud, the powerful: the members of the Juken Club!

Tenjho Tenge has finished publishing and it has 136 Chapters. It is also Known as: 天上天下, Tenjo Tenge, TenTen, Heaven and Earth

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7. Sun-Ken Rock

Sun-Ken Rock

Ken, a young Japanese guy, is in love with a young Korean girl Yumin. He followed her in Korea and wants to become a policeman just like her. But then, he finds himself at the head of a local gang. What will happen to Ken?

Included one-shot:
Volume 12: Trigun: The Lost Plant

Sun-Ken Rock has finished publishing and it has 181 Chapters. It is also Known as: サンケンロック, Trigun: The Lost Plant

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6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Shy Ken Kaneki is thrilled to go on a date with the beautiful Rize. But it turns out that she’s only interested in his body—eating it, that is. When a morally questionable rescue transforms him into the first half-human half-Ghoul hybrid, Ken is drawn into the dark and violent world of Ghouls, which exists alongside our own.

Note: Includes 1 extra chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul has finished publishing and it has 144 Chapters. It is also Known as: 東京喰種トーキョーグール, Toukyou Kushu

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5. Girls of the Wild's

Girls of the Wild's

Wild's High has a 42 year history as an all-girls private high school, meant solely for the elite. The girls of this school are trained daily in some of the deadliest forms of fighting around, from boxing, to sword-fighting, to taekwondo! This specialty school is the place where the most popular sporting event in the country is held, The Wild's League—the only place in the world where teenage girls partake in brutal fights... often to the death.

This year, Wild's has changed to a mixed-gender school. Despite opening their doors to males, the only one to apply is Song Jae Gu. He has been granted a full 3-year scholarship regardless of grades, which he snaps up without second thought. For the past two years, every moment of his life has been spent taking care of his younger twin siblings.

But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of Wild's League, drenching her in coffee and calling her a "monster"... things are about to get messy—especially when he gets tied up with all the other unusual girls at this school!

Follow Jae Gu's struggle, from being the only male in school full of beautiful and deadly women to learning to fight and stand up for himself!

Girls of the Wild's has finished publishing and it has 260 Chapters. It is also Known as: 소녀 더 와일즈, Shoujo the Wild's

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4. GTO


Onizuka is a reformed biker gang leader who has his sights set on an honorable new ambition: to become the world's greatest teacher... for the purpose of meeting sexy high school girls. Okay, so he's mostly reformed.However, strict administrators and a class of ruthless delinquents stand between Onizuka and his goal and they will use any means, however illegal or low, to drive the new teacher away. Perfect, because Onizuka's methods won't be found in any teaching manual; he cares about the difference between legal and illegal activities about as much as he cares for the age difference between himself and a high school girl.So get ready for math that doesn't add up, language you'd be slapped for using, and biology that would make a grown man blush... unless of course, you're the Great Teacher Onizuka.

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka has finished publishing and it has 201 Chapters. It is also Known as: GTO: Tomoko's Big Adventures

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3. Veritas


Gangryong is a high schooler unlike others. He has always had a dream of being the strongest. One day he meets Yoochun, who teaches him a powerful skill. One year later, people come to see him and announce that his "master" is dead. Because he was his only student, Gangryong has to follow them and go to a school where everybody has supernatural powers.

Veritas has finished publishing and it has 81 Chapters. It is also Known as: 베리타스, Veristas, Truth

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2. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

The story is focused on Kenichi Shirahama, an average 15-year-old weakling, whose life turns to Hell with the appearance of the naive, beautiful, and strong transfer student, Miu Fūrinji. After Kenichi witnesses Miu's skills in martial arts, he joins the Ryōzanpaku dojo, the gathering place of those who are truly strong, which also happens to be Miu's home. After beating a karate student in a match, he is soon targeted by all the delinquents in the school. Since then, Kenichi's routine is divided between his hellish training with the masters of Ryōzanpaku, and his fights against the members of Ragnarok, a gang who views him as either a possible ally or an impending threat to their plans.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple has finished publishing and it has 584 Chapters. It is also Known as: 史上最強の弟子ケンイチ, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

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1. Holyland


Yuu is a high school kid who doesn't really fit anywhere. To find a place he can belong, be accepted, he will do anything. However one thing leads to another and he is forced to fight to keep his place, his holyland.

Holyland has finished publishing and it has 182 Chapters. It is also Known as: ホーリーランド, Holy Land

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