Top 18 Korea Manga to read

Split personality, zerg rushers and Gangnam Style.

1. Seoul Station's Necromancer

20 years ago, Kang U-Jin was summoned to the planet Arpen for unknown reasons. Initially weak, he survived among the brutal monsters and finally grew into a "full-level necromancer."

All living beings of Arpen were terrified by his mere appearance, and the dead worshiped him. Those who pointed their swords at him, ignorant of the fraction, became cold corpses and soaked the earth with their blood. Those who aimed their swords at him would soon become corpses, soaking the ground with their blood.

20 years after he found himself in Arpen for the first time, a portal to Earth where he so wanted to return opens! But why is Gwacheon station filled with monsters?

"Were you bastards following me?!"

Seoul Station's Necromancer is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Seoul Station Necromancer, Seoul-yeog Necromancer

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2. Jeoldaegeomgam

After being given up on by his family because his dantian was destroyed, Soh Woonhwi was kidnapped by the Blood Cult and lived as a third-rate spy. One day, he died while being used to find a legendary sword immortal’s secret records. However, he returned to the day he was kidnapped ten years ago and obtained a mysterious ability that allowed him to hear the voice of swords.

Jeoldaegeomgam is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Absolute Sword Sense

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3. Jungle Juice

Su-Chan Jang is an extraordinary college student at the top of the social food chain. But underneath the perfect facade, he hides a pair of insect wings that suddenly grew when he used a mysterious bug spray called "Jungle Juice.” Su-Chan's life crumbles when he bares his wings to the world to save someone's life. When all hope seems lost, Su-Chan stumbles upon a hidden world of insect humans where everyone is accepted for what they are. But the law of the jungle governs this secret society and all must fend for themselves in order to survive.

Jungle Juice is currently publishing .

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4. Oneulbuteo Player

Hunters are sponsored by patrons. And the twelve most brilliant heroes established Eden, calling themselves gods. That's the time when I, Lee Joon-kyung lived. I lived the life of a cattle like any other ordinary man. One book I had was about a forgotten hero, a bibliography of a true hero. Athena, one of the twelve rulers of Eden, comes to me: 'Do you want to go to the past? More than 100 years ago? To the days when hunters appeared?' This one who sponsored the king supported me. I continue to walk similarly to the life in which the hero lived. I dream of a better future than the king. The power I have now, the hunter beyond the hunter. Being a player. 'I'm a player from today onwards.'

Source: MU

Player From Today Onwards is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Player Starting From Today, Starting today im a player

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5. Kim Bujang

Single father, company manager, and former black-ops member, Mr. Kim lived an ordinary life until his daughter, Minji, went missing. After discovering his daughter could be dead, Mr. Kim turns merciless and sets out for information. He will rescue his daughter by any means necessary, even if it means destroying everything and everyone standing in his path.

Source: Webtoon

Manager Kim is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Manajer Kim

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6. Solo Spell Caster

The ordinary salaryman Park Do-Hyuk, finally got the awakening he had always wished for in a life or death situation!

Unbelievably, the memories and experiences from the game he spent his entire life in his twenties playing became these powers of awakening!

What’s more, it was a 1 in a billion ‘Triple Awakening’!

The extraordinary player Park Do-Hyuk’s journey picks up now, as he aims to reach the world’s peak.

Solo Spell Caster is currently publishing .

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7. The Third Ending

Seo Yoon Seul, who's lived a perfect life so far, becomes a wreck when he starts having nightmares of a boy whom he coldly rejected when he was a student. The nightmares get even worse when he reunites with Kang Joon. Following his advice on becoming a good person to avoid nightmares, Yoon Seul approaches him to win his favor.

The Third Ending is currently publishing .

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8. See You in My 19th Life

Jieum Ban has an extraordinary ability: she can remember the memories of all her past lives. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. Will memories of her 18th life sabotage romance in her 19th? Or will love endure across different lives?

See You in My 19th Life is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Please Take Care of Me in This Life as Well, Ibeon Saengdo Jal Butaghae, Please Take Care of This Student

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9. I Shall Live as a Prince

Lee Hyun Ho, an ordinary man who was looking for a job in Korea, has been reincarnated into a prince from the Joseon dynasty. But unfortunately, he was reincarnated into Grand Prince Jinseong, the younger brother of the tyrant Yeonsangun! Although he graduated from a decent school, Hyun ho struggled to find a job. One day, he went to sleep after spending his day living the ordinary life of a poor Korean, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself as Grand Prince Jinseong from the 15th century. Since he was now a rich prince, his plan was to live the high life but… He finds out that his brother is Yeonsangun, the king of Joseon, infamous for being a crazy tyrant! And thus marks the start of the ordinary job seeker, Grand Prince Jinseong’s plan of making the tyrant Yeonsangun into a great king and to protect his own wife.

Source: MU

I Shall Live as a Prince is currently publishing . It is also Known as: 대군으로 살어리랏다

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10. Positively Yours

To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except... their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?

Positively Yours is currently publishing . It is also Known as: I have a baby

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11. Moonlight Garden

The enchanting flower maidens of Moonlight Garden are coveted by all, as they are known to provide sexual pleasures beyond the imagination. But Dohwa, a young flower maiden who has not yet “bloomed,” concocts potions in the hopes of escaping her destined fate at the brothel. One night, she is caught stealing ingredients for her potions by Lady Hyewon, the new mistress of the Garden. But it turns out Dohwa isn’t the only one with an agenda. Lady Hyewon harbors a few terrible secrets of her own

Moonlight Garden is finished and has null Volumes and 98 Chapters.

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12. Gyeolhonhago Hapsida

Mo-A never thought much of her cold, stern boss, Geon-Hu. At least, not until that fateful incident at the company workshop. Ever since accidentally seeing him in the buff, Mo-A can’t get him off her mind. After weeks of fantasizing, she finally asks if he’d like to spend the night with her. That’s when he drops a bomb: he’s a virgin, and he’ll only sleep with her if she marries him. The problem is, Mo-A doesn’t believe in marriage! With such different values, will these two make it down the aisle?

Save It for the Honeymoon is currently publishing . It is also Known as: Let's Do It After We Marry, Let's Get Married, คุณครับ มาแต่งงานกันเถอะ, 結了婚再說

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13. Mr. Kang

The ugly loser completely changes after he meets a "savior"! Will he finally get a girlfriend?

Mr. Kang is currently publishing .

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14. Death's Game

I've failed in this life. This is the start of my new 13 lives, together with Death.

Death's Game is finished and has null Volumes and 66 Chapters. It is also Known as: I Will Die Soon

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15. Pathfinder

Tomorrow is Garam’s 25th birthday and not only have her parents forgotten, but she still hasn’t found a full-time job. As she lay in bed wishing for another life, the clock strikes midnight and a strange window opens up before her. She steps through and discovers that she’s a pathfinder, or a traveler of worlds. But somehow stepping into this other world has caused her family and everything she knew back on earth to disappear. To rejoin her family and set things back to normal, Garam will have to learn all that she can about being a pathfinder.

Source: TappyToon

Pathfinder is currently publishing .

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16. Pyramid Game

Every Thursday afternoon, once a month, students at Love High cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school. After starting at the bottom, can new transfer student Suji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?

Pyramid Game is currently publishing . It is also Known as: ピラミッドゲーム, Piramideu geim, Piramideugeim

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17. Lost in Translation

The up-and-coming K-pop group Mayhem is steadily climbing the charts, but fame doesn't come for free. Bad Boy front man of the group Wyld knows this all too well. Forced to take on a controversial persona behind his fellow members' backs to help keep the momentum going, can Wyld keep sight of himself beneath all the lies and scandals? Or will he become his own false persona?

Lost in Translation is currently publishing .

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18. Lord of Money

Cheon Joong Myung, the third son of the CEO of the fifth wealthiest corporation, Ji Gyoung Group. And his assistant working under him, Seong Chang Ook. While Seong Chang Ook tried to kill Cheon Joong Myung and cover it up as an accident, Seong Chang Ook was accidentally electrocuted along with his boss. That’s when they find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies… “You want me to become a playboy Conglomerate the world has never seen before?” “I’ll be opening the doors to hell if I do this.” This is the start of the endless march of Cheon Joong Myung, the Lord of Money.

Lord of Money is currently publishing . It is also Known as: The Lord of Money

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