Top 5 Manhwa/Manga Like A Man of Virtue [2023 List]

A Man of Virtue

What’s it like spending your whole life coming in second place? Ask Nam Jinwoo, he’s been living in the shadow of his rival, Ma Sangtae, his whole life. From high school to college, and now in the office. But passion is strange, it can start as envy or hate and turn into something… erotic. Now Jinwoo’s head is filled with the dirtiest and most erotic thoughts, none of which are in his control. More than anything, he wants them to stop. But the only way to stop them might just be the last thing he wants to do…

A Man of Virtue has finished publishing and it has 131 Chapters. It is also Known as: Mideog-ui Salam

Genres: Drama , Romance , Working Life , Yaoi , Korea

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Top 5 Manhwa/Manga Like A Man of Virtue [2023 List]

5. Farewell, My First Love

Farewell, My First Love

Seventeen-year-old Eun-ha has battled a weak heart since birth but has managed to live a normal life following surgery. However, her world shatters when her doctor reveals that she has just one year left to live. On the very same day, Ha-yoon, her classmate, is admitted to the hospital due to a devastating car accident that claims the lives of his entire family. Overwhelmed by grief, Ha-yoon contemplates ending his own life, while Eun-ha is determined to embrace the remainder of her days for the sake of her loved ones. Although their circumstances differ greatly, Eun-ha senses a shared connection with Ha-yoon and tries her best to become his friend. With the clock ticking on their time together, are they doomed to say farewell forever?

Farewell, My First Love has finished publishing and it has 15 Chapters. It is also Known as: You Were Somebody's First Love, You Were Someone's First Love

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4. Daeriaein


Haegeum's fiancé offers her an outrageous proposal... he wants them to each have one last steamy fling with other people before getting married. After her initial heartbreak and shock, she agrees, but for only one reason—revenge! She wants him to regret this selfish decision, and the best way to accomplish that is with a younger, sexier boyfriend. Luckily, the perfect guy just moved in next door. Sihoon is accomplished, handsome, and charming... but he's her younger brother's best friend. Can Haegeum get her revenge AND keep the guy?

Source: Tapas

Substitute Boyfriend has finished publishing and it has 60 Chapters. It is also Known as: Stand-in Partner, Acting Partner, Substitute Lover, Vicarious Lover

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3. Wanbyeokan Yeonae

Wanbyeokan Yeonae

Hyun doesn't want to get married or have a serious relationship.

She just wants a fling. Her difficult home life and no future for growth at her company are all reasons as to why she doesn't want to be in any type of relationship. Until one day she meets a guy who just so happens to live in the same neighborhood and works near her office! Is it fate? The two start off as friends but could they be more?

Even if they could, fate doesn't wait around! While these two don't want anything serious, obstacles and variables will give them a push into territories neither of which they are ready to be in.

Picture Perfect has finished publishing and it has 42 Chapters. It is also Known as: Perfect Romance, 恋ってなんだっけ?, Wanbyeokhan Yeonae

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2. Double Trap

Double Trap

Jin-seong, who has had a crush on his older hyung, Yura, since childhood, comes to live with him due to a sudden parental accident. However, Jin-seong, who doesn't want to hurt his hyung, draws a line every time he tries to approach him, is finally trying to give up his heart and feelings. One morning, I witnessed that hyung sneak in and masturbated with his sleeping self as a side dish!

"Hyung... Is this the hyung I know? ...Who are you?!"

Double Trap is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: Double Trap

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1. Naeirui Eutteum

Naeirui Eutteum

As a fan of idol Ryu Seon-Jae, Im Sol was happy fangirling to her heart’s content. That is until one day, Seon-Jae is suddenly found dead. As she grieves, Sol discovers a curious pocket watch that takes her six years into the past. Before she knows it, Sol tracks down a teenage Seon-Jae, and the words “I freaking love you!” spill out. Now, he’s totally creeped out by her, but Sol must somehow win over Seon-Jae to stop history from repeating. With the clock ticking, can she save her future number one?

Tomorrow's #1 is currently publishing and has Chapters. It is also Known as: The Best of Tomorrow, Tomorrow's Best

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